Environmental Activities

Aggressive efforts for the environmental conservation placing a top priority on harmonization with the global environment

We at OKK have placed a top priority on harmonization between the corporate activities and the global environment throughout the company, and have been making efforts for the environmental conservation aiming at reduction in pressure on the environment and development of the resources recycling society as well as complying with the regulations and voluntary environmental action plans actively by establishing the OKK's basic policies in terms of environment consisting of eight main policies.

Through the activities for promoting the ISO-14001 certification that OKK obtained in April 2007, in order to hand down to the next generation the sustainable development and the healthy and productive global environment, we undertake constant and continual efforts such as reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by means of energy saving and change to the energy that reduces environmental loads, developing the products incorporating the environmental technologies that realize power- and energysaving operation and contribute to resource saving, promoting recycling for effective use of resources and reduction in waste products, reducing or eliminating the substances causing environmental burdens in or from the products and manufacturing processes, and establishing and promoting the green procurement.

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